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Polygon Assets provides effective and powerful assets to create your projects more easily.

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We are carefully designing our products & addons to easily and seamlessly merge with your current projects. Our products are updated often, following unity engine's latest updates, and integrate with numerous other popular unity assets seamlessly.


What We Offer

We are offering well-designed assets for your projects. You can check out our current products below.

Polygon AI is a Unity asset that allows you to you create advanced AI systems for your game. It can create any type of AI, such as "NPC, Shooter AI, Melee AI, and Boxing AI”. And It is also compatible with the vast majority of Unity assets, including: “Neo FPS, HQ Fps Weapons, STP, Mmfpse, MFPS 2.0, Opsive & Invector Controllers”.

Polygon AI
- Spawner

The Polygon AI Spawner Addon allows you to spawn your AI characters all over the world quickly and easily. It has texture-based spawning, a round system, and is highly optimised. It is also integrated with the Polygon AI System.

Polygon AI
- Multiplayer

Polygon AI Mutliplayer Addon is an great solution for customers whose projects have multiplayer purposes. Our asset uses Photon Fusion, which is the latest popular multiplayer solution on the asset store, for the addon. It works flawlessly with Polygon AI System and supports over 100+ people per room without any lag at all.

Polygon Models
- Weapon Packs

Our Weapon Packs will be available on our store soon. They will include 3-4 weapon models which are: "PBR, 4K Textured, Realistic" and optimized. You can check some of our model teasers below too:

Built in editors,
light-speed support

Our Polygon AI System has built-in editors such as "One-Click Integrations Editor, AI Creation Editor, Support Editor, Text-Combat System[Addon] Editor" to make your work much easier and faster. Our support team is also working all day long to give the right support for your customers as fast as possible.


With Others

AI Creation


Explore Our Pricing Options

We provide Subscriptions too. You can get all of Polygon AI Addons for a much cheaper price this way. You can also purchase them individually too, check all of the available options below.

  • Best Value

    Mega Bundle

    Polygon AI - Mega Add-on Bundle
    • Polygon AI - Spawner Add-on
    • Polygon AI - Multiplayer Add-on
    • Downloadable ".unitypackage"s
    • Priority Discord Support & Role
  • PAI - Spawner

    The Polygon AI - Spawner Add-on
    • Polygon AI - Spawner Add-on
    • Downloadable ".unitypackage"
    • Priority Discord Support & Role

Get Ready to Maximize Your Project Productivity With Our Asset Solutions

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